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Kim Garner


  • Strategic Planning and Cross-Functional Leadership
  • Financial Crime, Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering and Ethics Investigations
  • Establishing Fraud Prevention Programs
  • Law Enforcement Liaison and Outreach
  • Physical Security and Access Control
  • Executive & Employee Travel Safety and Facilitation

Education & Certificates

  • B.S. in Business Management with a minor in Computer Engineering from Clemson University
  • Completed Criminal Investigator Training Program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA
  • A member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) since 2010

Kim Garner

Senior Director of Financial Fraud Investigations

In her role as Senior Director of Financial Fraud Investigations, Ms. Garner leverages decades of multidisciplinary, multinational security experience across all levels of law enforcement. She started her career in federal law enforcement as a Special Agent with such agencies as the U.S. of Department of State, Diplomatic Security, U.S. Secret Service, and the Food & Drug Agency. Her responsibilities varied from role to role, offering Ms. Garner a uniquely expansive knowledge of federal best practices; from passport/visa fraud to counterfeit currency matters, credit card schemes, bank fraud, counterfeit drug operations, and more, Ms. Garner has successfully navigated investigations across all major disciplines, including financial crime, physical security, ethics, and travel security.

Ms. Garner later turned her expertise to the private sector, adapting her proven anti-fraud strategies to the specific challenges of private businesses.

During stints at MoneyGram International and Western Union, Ms. Garner directed or conducted hundreds of global investigations into internal/external fraud, employee malfeasance, ethics programs, and HR/employee-related matters, engaging her contacts in law enforcement when necessary. In addition to investigative support, Ms. Garner helped to develop and maintain her employers’ world-class access control systems in over thirty-five countries, while also overseeing the implementation of crisis management, workplace violence, employee travel safety, pandemic resilience, and other workplace safety protocols. Her efforts helped to mitigate risks, losses, and brand damage.

At Polaris, Ms. Garner’s innovative and efficient security strategies drive growth and revenue, enhance physical security, and bolster client technology programs – resulting in significantly improved global security, customer experience, analytics, and intelligence. These goals are accomplished through tight collaboration with all Polaris practitioners, including those in the Security, Intelligence, and Investigation Teams.

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