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The Polaris Approach to Internal Misconduct Matters

In the event of internal misconduct, the long-term health of your business – and the continued trust of your clientele – depend on a timely, comprehensive assessment. When up to seventy-five (75%) percent of employees have stolen from their employers on at least one occasion, or when the average internal data breach can cost employers […]

Polaris Risk Presents: What to Know About Ransomware Attacks

With cybersecurity risks consistently dominating news cycles, designing a capable digital defense can feel daunting. To help you and your company understand and address these risks, Polaris has prepared this overview of essential considerations. Breaches More Frequent Then Ever The IDC has found that as many as one third of all global businesses faced a […]

The Polaris Approach to Board & vCISO Cyber Consulting

Cybersecurity isn’t only an IT problem – it’s a company-wide responsibility. Ransomware, phishing attacks, and malware are unfortunate facts of modern business. Remote work, cloud solutions, and international conflicts have made cyberattacks frighteningly common – prompting the intervention of the Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Under new SEC regulations, certain Boards are required to detail […]

The Polaris Approach to Cyber Readiness & Resilience

Though cyberattacks target your digital environment, they pose a real-world threat to your company’s operations. Recent breaches, ransomware attacks, and data leaks have targeted providers across finance, education, healthcare, IT, retail, and other major industries.  Each attack represents an evolution in attackers’ software and strategy, as bad actors adapt their tools and strategies to innovative […]

The Polaris Approach to Customized Intelligence Monitoring 

Conduct Smarter, Risk-Conscious Business with Polaris’ Bespoke Intelligence Monitors Given the pace of data in the current Information Age, it is vital that your company can both manage and analyze the constant flow of relevant intelligence with sophistication and efficiency. Polaris’ intelligence reports curate relevant content across key threat vectors, including Health Risks, Natural Disasters […]

The Polaris Approach to Mitigating Workplace Risks

Persistent, tragic shootings – often committed by disgruntled current and/or former employees – have illustrated the importance of sensitive, diligent workplace security. As the current economic downturn continues to force layoffs, angered former employees are more likely to disrupt your working environment – sometimes through planned or unplanned acts of violence, threats against offices or […]

The Polaris Approach to Mitigating Active Shooter Risks

The twilight of the COVID-19 pandemic meant a return to offices, schools, places of worship, malls, movie theaters, and other public venues – and the re-emergence of an unfortunate but familiar threat is resurfacing: the active shooter.  In an April 2023 report, the FBI noted that active shooter incidents had increased by 66.7% since 2018, […]

The Polaris Approach to Intel-Backed Event Security

Not all threats are foreseeable; unexpected or emerging vulnerabilities, controversies, and calamities can elude even the most meticulous plans, as unseen risks/liabilities develop live. The best event security plans account for the unexpected, with fluid, intel-driven strategies.  Polaris’ security strategists don’t stop when an event starts: our Intel-Backed Protection Services offer urgent and adaptable solutions […]

The Polaris Approach to Film & TV Production Protection

The on-set experience has irrevocably changed in the age of social media. In addition to the logistical challenges of any shoot, stars, producers, directors, and crewmembers must navigate rabid fans, paparazzi, threats of violence, and other on-set incidents, which, if left unattended, could devastate the production and its team.  Polaris offers a range of services […]

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