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Crisis Management

Emergency Response Services

Highly trained Polaris personnel can deliver extensive crisis management and emergency response services to your executives, employees, and partners. These services include but are not limited to workplace violence training, natural disaster response and preparedness training, and physical protection services following workplace disruptions.

Misconduct Investigations

In concert with the subject matter experts at Ethics Suite, Polaris balances proactive risk management with detailed incident response, supporting clients as they assess or resolve internal misconduct, fraud, and other issues. Polaris and Ethics Suite are engaged in a strategic partnership, with Polaris’ global investigative bench complementing Ethics Suite’s fluent understanding of complex compliance, governance, and internal misconduct concerns. The two firms collaborate on misconduct investigations, forensic accounting, anti-corruption matters, and a range of other essential services.

Hostile / Combat Zone, Medical, & Natural Disaster Extractions

Should an incident arise at one of your global offices, or during international travel, your company may require immediate extraction support. Polaris’ global presence ensures that you have someone to turn to wherever you might be and for whatever you might need. Our local assets can navigate the intricacies of any legal, cultural, and infrastructural landscape, guiding you through foreign bureaucracies with confidence and speed. Polaris’ partnerships with global transportation providers enable rapid response times with local transport and medics poised to deliver immediate attention.

Global Security Operations Center & Situation Reports

To counter global risks, international businesses need truly international solutions. A Global Security Operations Center (“GSOC”) equips companies with scalable, integrated solutions. A Polaris GSOC can monitor critical assets, ensure situational awareness, and issue real-time directives on crisis management that keep employees safe and maintain business continuity. Polaris analysts can quarterback GSOC services for an outsourced, expert approach – or, if the Client wants to keep their intel operations in-house, trained Polaris analysts can augment your intelligence posture as needed. Our analysts often assist companies during large scale or special events, and have provided quarterly trainings on infotech techniques to in-house intelligence teams, helping personnel to stay current with industry best practices.

Polaris Travel Escort

Air travel often comes with anxieties about safety and security, which are heightened for younger passengers. Polaris can offer you and your child peace of mind while flying. Our clients trust that we will provide best-in-class protective services with experienced, capable Travel Escorts. In addition to exemplary protective service qualifications, these agents can provide a calm and comforting presence for younger travelers, ensuring that they feel comfortable as well as safe. If your child has special medical, emotional, or communications needs, Polaris has agents that can support those needs.

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From regional offices in North America, EMEA and APAC, Polaris navigates its clients through the global risk landscape.

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