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Intelligence Services

Global Security Operations Center & Situation Reports

To counter global risks, international businesses require truly international solutions. A Global Security Operations Center (“GSOC”) provides integrated solutions that are as expansive as your company’s global presence. A Polaris GSOC can monitor critical assets, ensure situational awareness, and issue real-time directives on crisis management that keep employees safe and maintain business continuity. Polaris can also augment your internal capabilities by providing quarterly trainings to your in-house intelligence teams on infotech techniques and industry best practices, and may assist with large-scale or special events. GSOC maintenance and management can be outsourced to expert Polaris analysts or kept in-house, with our analysts supporting your internal intelligence resources.

Intelligence Analyst Support

To support a company’s long- or short-term risk mitigation strategies, Polaris’ team of expert intelligence analysts can provide fully dedicated coverage or handle project-based assignments in response to situational concerns. These specialists have full access to Polaris’ wealth of intelligence, investigative, protective and consulting tools, in addition to continual training on industry standards / best practices and emerging technologies within the space. Depending on a company’s individual needs, our intelligence analysts can also customize layered media monitors and geofences to capture “of interest” content at a recurring interval, or deliver “live” coverage of notable online chatter in response to a publicly scrutinized incident.

Social Media Threat Assessments & Monitoring

A substantial public profile may be good for business, but it often comes at the cost of damaging negative attention. To ensure that online threats and adverse public sentiment never evolve into an active threat, our highly skilled intelligence group customizes keyword search strings and behavioral trackers to screen for concerning online chatter. We also employ several best-in-class social media monitoring tools to sift through expansive data, while our detail-driven intelligence analysts prepare critical threat briefings and social media action reports.

Travel Security Briefings

If your business requires international travel, our intelligence group can provide specialized travel security briefings based on your itinerary, to prepare travelers for a variety of potential risk scenarios. These extensively researched briefings detail relevant local crime statistics, regional embassies, existing medical facilities and geopolitical realities. Further information is available through the Polaris program Safe Stay, which provides access to risk assessments and security surveys of the hotels booked for the trip, as well as information on local risks. In addition to proactive measures, our intelligence professionals can geo-fence your trip, providing next-to-real-time local alerts that may impact your stay.

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From regional offices in North America, EMEA and APAC, Polaris navigates its clients through the global risk landscape.

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