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Network Security Assessments

As technology advances and as successful hacking incidents highlight new vulnerabilities, Polaris can perform comprehensive diagnostic assessments of your security posture to determine the cyber risks specific to your company or industry. After reviewing your existing operations, policies and procedures, Polaris will collaborate with you to address any potential weaknesses, establishing or amending cybersecurity plans before incidents arise.

Incident Response & Remediation

In the event of an incident, Polaris can help your company respond promptly and strategically, launching an investigation that could limit your losses while uncovering vulnerabilities. Our incident response team will evaluate all pertinent data concerning the affected environment, probing your network’s points of access, relevant personnel and existing infrastructure for exposed weaknesses or suspicious activity.

Forensic Analyses

Should your company’s environment be breached in a cyberattack, Polaris can conduct forensic reviews and analyses of breached servers, server logs and relevant accounts, identifying any discernable anomalies with the server logs or any notable lateral movements. Through targeted end-point reviews and analyses, our experts will attempt to track the IP address of the individual(s) who perpetrated the fraud.

Cyber Risk Trainings

Just as essential as advanced cybersecurity monitoring is a corporate culture of risk-awareness. Your employees must understand the cyber threats to which your company is vulnerable. Polaris’ training programs ensure personnel are armed with the knowledge and tools to respond appropriately in the event of an incident.

TSCM & Cyber Intrusion

Potential leaks of sensitive or confidential information are a serious, ongoing concern. To prevent such leaks, Polaris deploys agents with expertise in technical surveillance and countermeasure sweeps to detect listening and recording devices within your premises, as well as cyber intrusion sweeps and network monitoring services.

Let’s Talk

From regional offices in North America, EMEA and APAC, Polaris navigates its clients through the global risk landscape.

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