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Due Diligence

Global risk tools and local resources enable Polaris to determine if a prospective partner is, in fact, who they say they are. Whether during the pre-transactional, intelligence-gathering phase of an engagement or during a post-deal review, our in-depth due diligence investigations can be customized to focus on a specific client or a specific deal’s particular areas of concern.

Third-Party Vendor Screenings

To provide support for your day-to-day operations and to oversee projects that require specialized expertise or in-depth local knowledge, you may at times deploy third-party vendors. As outsourced teams may have access to your facilities, proprietary data and confidential information, you must establish safeguards, against their potential misuse. Polaris’ screenings ensure that access is granted only after a thorough risk assessment, due diligence investigation, or vetting of vendors and their key leadership.

Brand Protection

Your business is as strong as your brand, and that brand requires protection. To determine if your brand is vulnerable to attack, Polaris conducts complex trademark investigations, patent infringement investigations, theft of trade secrets investigations, and supply chain investigations. Due to our robust global presence, we can conduct market sweeps within 48 hours of notice, barring any regional market restrictions.

Reputational Risk

The actions of your employees can bring about the success or failure of your company. Any misconduct, whether inside or outside of the workplace, can seriously tarnish the reputation of your organization. At Polaris, our consulting team advises clients as they respond to and address potentially damaging misconduct, while our investigators conduct targeted employee investigations and detailed stressor screenings. Our anonymous internal reporting services bolster your existing accountability infrastructure and ensure a more efficient response to misconduct claims.

Litigation Support

Polaris’ trial-ready intelligence, detailed corporate investigations, targeted risk assessments, and informed legal threat consultations are tailored to stand up to the scrutiny of the court. These efforts can offer considerable insight into your legal adversaries’ potential motives, networks or reputations to bolster your case. All of our investigative and intelligence services are flexible and scalable, allowing you to pursue specific, actionable results in a trial. Polaris’ capabilities are available to any plaintiff or defendant, whether you are preparing for upcoming litigation, navigating an ongoing trial or reassessing a previous case.


Regulatory bodies often rely on third-party monitors to help troubled corporations achieve higher standards of compliance. These monitors – most commonly assigned via a settlement agreement or plea bargain after corporate misconduct or illegal activity – oversee the activity of reforming companies, to progress their compliance goals. However, not all Monitorships are triggered by misconduct; Polaris provides preventative Monitorship services to mitigate the risks and liabilities of non-compliant activity in real time. These proactive measures help you identify ongoing misconduct within your organization, allowing you to quickly disclose and rectify issues that arise – before they result in lengthy judicial problems.

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From regional offices in North America, EMEA and APAC, Polaris navigates its clients through the global risk landscape.

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