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Protective Services

Executive Protection, Close Protection, & Media Escorts

Polaris’ network of international assets and security experts enables us to offer unsurpassed VIP executive and close protection services in over 85 countries, in North America and around the world. When needed, and where acceptable by law, we provide both armed and unarmed protection agents who are equipped with local expertise and completely supported by Polaris’ full range of capabilities.

Embedded Agents

An embedded agent brings Polaris’ expertise into your offices. Whether your company is seeking stronger physical security or daily insights into your digital risk profile, our embedded agents – though Polaris employees – offer dedicated corporate risk and threat solutions, informed by Polaris’ expert training and critical support from our headquarters. Once deployed, these strategically-placed agents focus entirely on your company’s security posture, helping navigate such threats as workplace violence, hostile terminations necessitating security escorts, high-risk travel or crisis response.

Travel Protection & Crisis Response Security

Travel security is an integral part of any company’s risk profile. Polaris offers travel security programs with clear parameters on travel protocols to any part of the world – including high-risk regions. We employ integrated technology, alerting systems and trustworthy local assets to execute these programs and other volatile engagements, including evacuations following natural disasters or terrorist attacks, or incident response involving potentially hostile employees or disturbed individuals. Our solutions are scalable and transparent, providing companies with the information and processes they need to customize their security infrastructure.

Security-Trained Executive Drivers / Vehicles

Polaris offers best-in-class vehicles and security-trained drivers globally. Our drivers are either armed or unarmed, depending on a company’s needs and local law.

Let’s Talk

From regional offices in North America, EMEA and APAC, Polaris navigates its clients through the global risk landscape.

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