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Polaris Risk Presents: What to Know About Ransomware Attacks

With cybersecurity risks consistently dominating news cycles, designing a capable digital defense can feel daunting. To help you and your company understand and address these risks, Polaris has prepared this overview of essential considerations.

Breaches More Frequent Then Ever

The IDC has found that as many as one third of all global businesses faced a ransomware attack within a twelve  month  period, with only 13% avoiding the payment of a ransom.

Traditional Defenses Less Effective

Experts have cautioned that automated, software solutions are no longer enough on their own; rapidly developed malware “variants” can slip through automated defenses, which depend on patterns established during prior attacks.

No Industry is Safe

While the most high-profile attacks to date have targeted critical infrastructure – as seen in 2021’s Colonial Pipeline attack – all industries are at-risk; other targets have included educational institutions, IT services, healthcare providers, and retailers.

Read the PDF: 1.-Polaris-Presents-What-to-Know-About-Ransomware-Attacks.pdf

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