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The Polaris Approach to Intel-Backed Event Security

Not all threats are foreseeable; unexpected or emerging vulnerabilities, controversies, and calamities can elude even the most meticulous plans, as unseen risks/liabilities develop live. The best event security plans account for the unexpected, with fluid, intel-driven strategies. 

Polaris’ security strategists don’t stop when an event starts: our Intel-Backed Protection Services offer urgent and adaptable solutions to the fast-paced challenges of major events. Our Protection Teams leverage the detailed insights of our Intel Team, resulting in smart, efficient on-the-ground protection. For more on Polaris’ intel-backed approach – including overviews of proven strategies and past events – please read on. 

Intel-Supported Solutions

Polaris’ approach to event security has driven success across diverse industries and settings. Key services include the following: 

Event-Specific Intel Monitors

Analysts tune intel monitors to the specific demands of specific events. Bespoke queries can capture content concerning an event’s venue(s), attendees, vulnerabilities, and operations. Analysts assess existing chatter in advance of any program, to better prepare potential monitoring solutions. 

Targeted Geofencing 

Customized geofences can capture content published in, around, or concerning an events key sites, venues, and host locations. These searches can identify and track potential criminal activity in an event’s immediate area. 

Expert Boolean-Searches & Vetting 

Polaris’ sophisticated automated monitors are augmented by thorough hand-searches and analyses, which may reveal further insights into relevant threats. Human curations helps ensure that all intel is verifiable and reliable. 

Driving Successful Security Coverage Across Industries

Polaris’ intel-driven approach results in nimble, adaptable coverage – as evidenced by past successes across professional sports (including championships and all-star matchups), global conventions, entertainment industry events (including film shoots and premieres), political conferences, high-profile VIPs/executives, and more. 

Annual Fashion Events 

Each year, international fashion brands gather in foreign cities for four week-long events. Fans track the action across social media – though this visibility results in a fast-shifting threats. Polaris’ intel-driven approach tracks and adapts to changes. 

High-Profile & VIP Protection 

An elevated public presence often leads to an elevated threat profile as principals face more scrutiny and derogatory chatter than ever; as such, public-facing executives and CEOs need to scale their protection to their profile. 

Pro Sports Games 

Thousands of fans, talent, and VIPs descended on Salt Lake City, UT for basketball’s biggest week this year – and a rush of threats followed. Thankfully, detailed geofences ensured that agents were kept abreast of emerging local risks. 

Political Conferences 

Given recent political unrest stemming from controversial laws, court rulings, and election campaigns political conferences and politicians face new threats from dissenting groups. Polaris tracks the groups’ activity to ensure informed coverage. 

Film Shoots & Premieres 

Polaris has previously covered dozens of red-carpet events, film premieres, productions, TV shoots, and large-scale festivals – including events with trending and controversial stars. Such sets require proactive monitors to identify threatening chatter. 

Media & Fan Conventions 

Comic book, film, TV and media conventions bring stars and talent perilously close to their fans. By tracking fan sentiment, social media chatter, and media coverage live, Polaris assesses potential issues and over-critical fans before they pose a threat. 

Polaris Corporate Risk Management is in no way affiliated with UEFA, the National Basketball Association, New York Fashion Week, the Olympic Games (neither the International Olympic Committee nor any Olympic body), nor any organizer/sponsor of the events listed. This overview – including all text and images – is intended for educational and informational purposes only, as protected under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976. 

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