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Insider Threats

As insider threats grow more common and more costly, you need a security provider that can act proactively and preemptively to address and mitigate internal risks.

To address one of modern businesses’ most insidious threats — the rogue insider — Polaris has aligned our cutting-edge investigative, analytical and technological expertise with TalisAI, an innovative cybersecurity provider. By analyzing data from your communications, business transactions, corporate records, employees and customers, TalisAI’s cutting-edge intelligence tool, “People at Potential Risk,” can successfully identify and mitigate internal threats before an incident can even occur. By linking Polaris’ industry-leading security and investigative strategies with TalisAI’s revolutionary machine-learning capabilities and AI accountability framework, organizations can now prevent, monitor and respond to the many forms of employee misconduct.

Our highly trained threat analysts act in tandem with TalisAI’s algorithms, providing intuitive and complementary services. As TalisAI identifies potential internal threats, Polaris investigates and verifies those leads. Depending on the results of our initial investigations, Polaris analysts will then work with your company to ensure that any and all identified risks are addressed – before those risks can escalate.

TalisAI’s model offers a simple and efficient springboard for Polaris’ after-action audits or investigations.

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From regional offices in North America, EMEA and APAC, Polaris navigates its clients through the global risk landscape.

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