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The Polaris Approach to Customized Intelligence Monitoring 

Conduct Smarter, Risk-Conscious Business with Polaris’ Bespoke Intelligence Monitors

Given the pace of data in the current Information Age, it is vital that your company can both manage and analyze the constant flow of relevant intelligence with sophistication and efficiency. Polaris’ intelligence reports curate relevant content across key threat vectors, including Health Risks, Natural Disasters & Severe Weather, Client-Specific Threats, Cybersecurity Risks, Protest Activity, and Terrorism & Violent Crime – all at the national, state, or local level. 

Polaris can also customize its searches to capture content specific to your company’s operations, location, personnel, reputation, and risk posture. A team of expert analysts collates the results – all trained to cut through the noise of countless sources to deliver only the most pressing, relevant information. Polaris’ intelligence services offer your company the flexibility and confidence to assert control over key risks that could impact your business. 

Health Risks, Including COVID-19

While the risks of COVID-19 are subsiding, new health risks arise daily, from novel outbreaks to food contamination, to emerging treatments. Polaris’ insights can help you navigate local exposures, changing regulations, and the perpetual threat of novel viruses and outbreaks. 

Planned Protests/Protest Catalysts

Across the 2010s, mass protest activity has increased an average of 11.5% year over year, This trend culminated in June 2020 with tense, riotous protests – likely the largest in US history. Amid rising tensions and frequent incidents, Polaris can help you navigate growing unrest.

Terrorism & Violent Crime

Polaris receives assessments and analyses from private and institutional US intelligence partners on threats both seen and unseen. Our analysts can comb this data, open media, the Deep Web, the Dark Web, and local law enforcement sources for relevant threats. 

Cybersecurity Risks 

With modern workplaces increasingly reliant on digital environments – including the rise of virtual/work-from-home roles – cyberattacks are an unfortunate fact of modern business. Polaris tracks emerging cyber threat trends, helping clients navigate risks as they emerge. 

Natural Disasters & Severe Weather

As domestic wildfires grow more common and intense, and as earthquakes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms rage outside of your control, Polaris can arm you with key trends, statistics and incident updates – resulting in better prepared, risk-aware business.

Client-Specific Threats

Analysts can customize intel monitors based on the particular demands of the Client’s presence; bespoke queries capture content concerning your offices, industry, key executives, at-risk employees, and other critical elements of the Client’s operations. 

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