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The Polaris Method

Polaris’ goal is your goal: we want to keep your team and your operations safe. Polaris’ holistic approach to confronting client-facing threats has solidified our position as a leader in the risk management field. A single, accessible point of contact oversees the progression of each matter, ensuring accountability, collaboration and resolution. Our network of on-the-ground intelligence and investigations teams are fully trained in a broad scope of resources, and understand how these resources can help clients mitigate threats. Core to our values is the perspective that each client has unique risk management needs; Polaris’ customized solutions are tailored to meet those needs.

Our services include but are not limited to: Investigations, Intelligence Services, Protective Services, Cybersecurity, Crisis Management and Security Consulting.

If you require services not covered here, we invite you to contact us, and a member of our team will respond to discuss your request.


Before a third-party or potential partner earns your business, they should earn your trust. Polaris ensures that your operations and facilities are in good hands with comprehensive third-party vendor and prospective partner screenings. Our due diligence assessments and detailed investigations provide crucial insight into a collaborator’s market presence and history, offering a 360⁰ perspective on potential risks they pose. Of course, not all threats are external; to mitigate threats from within your organization, Polaris performs at-risk personnel screenings guided by our advanced insider threat monitors.

Key investigative services include:

  • Pre-Transactional / Post-Transactional Due Diligence Screenings
  • Third-Party Vetting
  • Supply Chain Investigations
  • Brand Protection Investigations (such as trademark, patent infringement, and theft of trade secrets investigations)
  • Asset Trace Investigations
  • Litigation Support (including witness interviews and trial preparation)
  • Computer Forensics (including imaging and assessments of electronic devices)
  • Crypto Currency Anti-Money Laundering (or “AML”) Assessments
  • “Know Your Client / Customer” (or “KYC”) Investigations and Internal Program Development
  • Insider Threat Investigations

Given the pace of data in the current Information Age, it is vital that your security provider can manage and analyze relevant intelligence with sophistication and efficiency. Polaris’ intelligence services are the sharpest on the market, and drive smarter, more risk-conscious business decisions. Our analysts understand that a constant flow of raw data is overwhelming, and unhelpful; Polaris cuts through empty chatter and white noise to deliver only actionable intelligence – intelligence that can truly inform your company’s direction and lower your risk profile.

Key intelligence services include:

  • Global Security Operations Center (or “GSOC”) Staffing and Management
  • Dedicated Intelligence Analyst Support
  • Situational Awareness Reports (regional updates on notable events, including global pandemics, civil unrest, military conflicts, and more)
  • Ad Hoc Intelligence Reports Tailored to Client Subject-Matter Concerns
  • Customized Social Media Monitoring to Identify Threatening Individuals or Groups
  • Targeted Dark Web Monitoring
  • Brand Media Monitoring to Identify External Threats
  • Special / Live Events 24/7 Social Media Monitoring and Geofencing to Identify External Threats
  • Cybersecurity Threat Monitoring
Protective Services

Polaris’ extensive network of highly trained agents spans over 85 countries and six continents – enabling best-in-class protection without compromise or interruption, wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you require an embedded agent to de-escalate potential incidents of workplace violence, harassers or other targeted threats; or armed or unarmed executive protection; or best-in-class vehicles with security-trained drivers, Polaris has the network and tools to keep you and your company safe.

Key protective services include:

  • Executive Protection Agents
  • Armed or Unarmed Close Protection Agents
  • Media Escorts
  • Crisis Response Agents (including protection during employee / workforce terminations, active shooter incidents, direct threats, and more)
  • Security-Trained Drivers

Cybercrime grows more sophisticated every day. To outmaneuver fast-evolving cyber risks, your company must employ cybersecurity protocols that are at least as sophisticated as the crimes themselves. Polaris’ cybersecurity services are unequaled, and encompass the full lifecycle of cybersecurity, from proactive risk monitoring and insider threat prevention to post-incident remediation, as well as baseline network assessments and forensic analyses.

Key cybersecurity services include:

  • Internal / External Penetration Testing
  • NIST and CSF Security Assessments and Framework Review
  • Ransomware Readiness and Response Assessments
  • HIPAA Cybersecurity and SOC 2 Readiness Assessments
  • Incident Response and Forensic Post-Action Assessments
  • Cyber Risk Trainings
  • TSCM & Cyber Intrusion
Crisis Management

To combat the unpredictability inherent in any crisis, clients need incident management and response services they can rely on. Polaris’ crisis mitigation experts have the knowledge, proficiency and experience to confidently navigate your company through any incident. These experts can draft or amend emergency response plans for a variety of incidents, including threats of workplace violence, severe weather and even geo-political upheaval. When a crisis does occur, our comprehensive training programs enable your company to react decisively. Should a situation require on-the-ground support, Polaris can provide you with rapid incident response services specifically tailored to the issue at hand.

Key crisis management services include:

  • Emergency Response Services
  • Misconduct Investigations in Coordination with Counsel
  • Hostile / Combat Zone Extractions
  • Medical Extractions
  • Natural Disaster / Extreme Weather Extractions
  • Alive and Well Checks for Family Members
  • Travel Escorts
Security Consulting

Whether constructing a new security program or enhancing an out-of-date one, Polaris has the expertise you need to strengthen your risk posture. No one expert could provide the airtight security programming that you need, but one security provider – Polaris – can connect you to the best-qualified experts and assets to meet your specific needs. Polaris’ security consulting services include managed security programs, risk and threat assessments, Technical Counter Measure Sweeps and Cyber Intrusion & Security Policy consultancy.

Key security consulting services include:

  • Managed Security Programs
  • Supply Chain Security Assessments
  • Motor Carrier Security Assessments
  • Inventory Control Audits
  • Physical Security Risk Assessments (for corporate offices or executives’ homes)
  • Security Policy Review and Design
  • Security Construction Design and Access Control Integration (cameras / CCTV and perimeter security)
  • Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and Emergency Response Planning and Design
  • Maritime Security Assessments and Design Integration
  • Staffing of Maritime Protection Services
  • TSCM & Cyber Intrusion

Let’s Talk

From regional offices in North America, EMEA and APAC, Polaris navigates its clients through the global risk landscape.

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