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Global Reach

With domestic and international offices, Polaris is local to you. Our global asset matrix enables us to deploy our corporate risk management services in over 85 countries through local resources – all fluent in the risks that your company’s region may pose.
Service for A Modern Global Market

In our increasingly connected world, Polaris’ services can help you assess security threats and address business risks on a global scale. Our Global Security Operations Center (“GSOC”) offering can equip you with the international reach you need – and can be augmented with our highly sophisticated asset matrix to respond to threats with speed and local expertise, combining virtual intelligence with physical ground support.

By Your Side

Polaris’ comprehensive protection services include security-trained drivers and secure vehicles, available for domestic trips, international travel or point of destination appointment. Additionally, our global protection teams have the local expertise needed to guide you through foreign medical systems – and, if needed, to conduct emergency extractions for immediate medical attention. We also offer Travel Escorts, who can provide both safety and comfort for young travelers.

Polaris was founded on one simple principle: a steadfast commitment to consistent, highest quality risk management services – regardless of a company’s size or market presence.

Let’s Talk

From regional offices in North America, EMEA and APAC, Polaris navigates its clients through the global risk landscape.

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