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Grant Strudwick


  • Crisis Management & Response
  • Cyber Breach Response
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Security Risk Management
  • Travel Risk Management
  • Event Risk Management

Education & Certificates

  • BA in Mathematics & Economics from the University of New South Wales.
  • Graduate Diploma in International Law from the University of Melbourne.
  • Diploma in French from the Australian Defence Force School of Languages.
  • “Managing Risks in the Information Age” Certification from Harvard.

Grant Strudwick

Consulting Director of Crisis Management & Asia-Pacific (“APAC”)

Though currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Grant Strudwick’s nearly two (2) decades of risk management experience has spanned diverse industries, international markets, and varied countries and continents. Mr. Strudwick spearheads risk and resilience initiatives across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, delivering successful security outcomes for clients and partners in high-risk fields. His guidance is instrumental to corporate crisis teams, who rely on Mr. Strudwick to navigate diverse, critical threats; past engagements have seen Mr. Strudwick address malicious product extortion matters, illegal detentions, a range of cyber-crimes, corruption scandals, and natural disasters.

Mr. Strudwick’s approach to risk management builds on a foundation of discipline and dedication first developed during his tenure as an Officer in the Australian Army. His military service demanded deft and adaptable crisis identification, response, and management – skills that Mr. Strudwick parlayed into roles with

Control Risks, where he led the firm’s Sydney-based crisis and security practice, and International SOS, where he oversaw global operations of their London-based travel security joint venture. There, he managed several crisis deployments and evacuations, including operations in Egypt, Mali, Algeria, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Nepal, and West Africa.

In 2014, Grant moved to Singapore to lead APAC operations for International SOS and Control Risks’ joint venture. He established a regional delivery team comprising operational and information analysts from Japan, Korea, China, Myanmar, Singapore, India, Philippines, and Indonesia. After his move to Pinkerton in 2016, Mr. Strudwick’s responsibilities included APAC and MEA, and the establishment of major risk management projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Japan. Additionally, he supported clients during violent protests in Hong Kong, and assisted clients with their COVID-19 response and management.

More recently, Mr. Strudwick has served in management positions within risk management organizations, aiding companies as they transition from reactive to proactive risk mitigation practices. At Polaris, Mr. Strudwick leverages the full depth of those experiences, as he applies tailored risk consulting solutions to our clients and partners.

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From regional offices in North America, EMEA and APAC, Polaris navigates its clients through the global risk landscape.

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