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Protective Services

Security agent providing protective services

Executive Protection

Our executive protection services span North America and over 85 countries. We provide offerings for armed protection agents, where acceptable by law, and unarmed security agents, where needed.

Embedded Agents

Threats of work place violence, concerns about traveling abroad for a corporate project or assessments of how to develop a more robust, internal security program could all be aided by an embedded agent. Polaris embedded agents are dedicated to your team for as long as you need them. Embedded agents are deployed on site, at your place of business and managed by your team.

Executive Drivers/Vehicles

Polaris offers best in class vehicles and security trained drivers, globally. Our drivers are either armed or unarmed depending on the clients’ needs.

Travel Protection Security

Travel security is an integral part of any company’s risk profile. Polaris offers travel security programs with clear directives on traveling to any part of the world, including high-risk regions. We employ integrated technology, alerting systems, and local assets on the ground to execute these programs. The Polaris approach is scalable and transparent, empowering clients with the information they need to customize their security posture.

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