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The Polaris Approach to Private Client & Family Office Services

At Polaris, we help high-profile, high-net worth individuals and family offices safeguard their most vital assets. Our approach combines “white glove” client service with corporate-level strategies, and our security consulting services have helped secure numerous Fortune 500 companies and their executives. 

We provide discreet coverage to meet each client’s specific needs, and our extensive global asset matrix allows us to service clients in over eighty-five markets internationally. Polaris’ network of leading experts can assess and respond to your security risks – wherever you might be. 

Home Security Design & Implementation

When outfitting homes and offices with new security measures or protocols, avoid general, catchall measures; your security should be designed from the ground-up to meet the unique challenges of your space. Polaris – through expert assessments of your home or office, as well as considering the security measures already in place – can help match your security planning to your needs. 

Travel Protection & Intelligence

Polaris integrates state-of-the-art technology, alerting systems, and on-the-ground personnel to ensure the safety of high-profile individuals during travel – all made possible by a network of local assets in over eighty-five countries. Our procedures are discreet, designed to limit you and your travel companions’ visibility and exposure without sacrificing speed and practicality. In addition to real-time protective measures, security intelligence briefings – conducted 72 hours before your departure – ensure that you will be informed of relevant risks in your destination. 

Social Media Assessment & Enforcement

Social media can be a volatile and toxic environment; while larger platforms are often slow to protect users from harassment, Polaris’ Intelligence Team can act swiftly to inform clients of online safety concerns. Polaris can analyze your online presence to customize a social media monitoring program that addresses your needs. Whether helping to take down particularly aggressive harassers, or assessing your own social media footprint for sensitive or otherwise damaging content, Polaris’ social media services help limit your risk, both online and offline. 

Inner Circle Screenings & Training

In our years of experience, we have seen the criminal and litigation records of staff go undetected, putting assets and individuals at risk – Polaris can prevent this, however, with thorough vetting of all members of your household staff or inner circle. Regular background checks ensure that hiring decisions are continually informed and secure, while regular situational awareness training can better equip staff to manage your unique security risks, and any crises that may arise. 

Remote Medical Support & Extraction

Our clients sometimes find themselves in need of immediate medical attention in remote locations – especially given recent global health crises. Polaris’ international presence ensures that these clients have someone local to turn to – wherever they might be and for whatever they might need. Our expert assets can navigate the intricacies of any legal, cultural and infrastructural landscape, guiding you through foreign medical systems with confidence and speed. Polaris’ partnerships with global transportation providers enable rapid response times, with local medics poised to deliver immediate attention. 

Cyber Risk Management

The security of your personal information and confidential data depends on the security of your home networks and devices. Polaris, with its proven cybersecurity expertise, can assess and augment your risk mitigation practices, creating cyber policies based on comprehensive assessments of your current cybersecurity infrastructure. Our assessors, moreover, can root out listening devices, malware and similar intrusive products, helping to set up your networks or devices for a more secure future. 

Maritime Security Assessment

While the sea often seems tranquil and safe, boating poses its own unique security risks, and requires its own security solutions. Polaris can deploy retired members of the Navy’s Special Warfare Group to conduct security assessments of yachts or other seafaring vessels, analyzing and examining any vulnerabilities or safety risks. Once identified, Polaris can collaborate with you to address these liabilities, to be sure that your ship is prepared for any incident. 

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