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The Polaris Approach to Yacht & Maritime Security 

High-visibility often means higher-risk – especially when it comes to luxury sea travel. 

At Polaris, we help high-profile, high-net worth individuals achieve a security posture that matches their visibility. Our approach combines “white glove” client service with corporate-level strategies, as we provide discreet coverage designed to meet each client’s specific needs. Polaris is an international security provider, with a global asset matrix comprised of experts and practitioners in over eighty-five markets, from Miami, to Morocco, to Monaco. Polaris Watch helps you to assess, enhance, and streamline your maritime security

Assessing Threats to Your Vessel

Assessments by Industry Experts

To ensure that your vessel is secure and sea-ready, Polaris can connect you to qualified assessors with expertise in maritime and yacht security. Through longstanding partnerships with industry experts – including alliances with certified Port Facility Officers, Ship Security Officers, and International Maritime Organization members – Polaris offers detailed insights into your vessel’s existing security strengths, as well as potential vulnerabilities. Polaris can assess or install CCTV cameras, AI-driven security systems, privacy drones, and other critical security upgrades, as needed. 

Streamlined Security Coverage

The Polaris Watch platform streamlines and simplifies your security coverage – while never underestimating the complexity of the threats that you face. Once our assessors fully understand the assets and liabilities present in your risk posture, Polaris can integrate your security solutions in our single, comprehensive, patented platform. The elements of your existing security controls and infrastructure – as well as any future updates – will be combined into a single usable interface. 

Preparing to Disembark/Travel

Travel Security & Intel Advances

Before you disembark, you should know where you are docked; a Polaris travel security briefing offers an early understanding of your travel destinations, and tracks changing travel conditions. Polaris briefings offer actionable, practical guidance, as they identify key locations, like embassies, hospitals and no-go zones, alongside detailed accounts of local risk trends. Preparations can include assessments of local accommodations, including docking areas or hotels, as well as a historical review of criminal trends in the vicinity. Polaris’ intelligence services ensure live and reactive security coverage. 

Drone Protection

However far you may be from shore, you are never safe from the snooping of paparazzi, press, or obsessive individuals. To prevent drones from capturing sensitive photos or videos of your yacht, guests, or activities, Polaris can jam drone coverage around your ship. This technology can be mounted to the ship for long-term, integrated use, or can be deployed by a technician or trained crew member when needed. 

Enhancing Your Physical Security

Intel-Backed Protection

An elevated public profile often leads to elevated personal risk, as dissenting individuals target public figures – including celebrities, executives, or high net worth individuals – with threats and intimidation. To help anticipate and address developing threats, Polaris leverages a suite of sophisticated intelligence tools to improve its protective capabilities, informing the Client’s approach to security coverage. Our analysts navigate clients through a risk’s full lifecycle, from threat identification to incident response. 

Specialized Security Crews

For long-term cruises and significant stays, Polaris can staff your yacht with experienced security professionals, sourced from such well-known and highly regarded groups as the United States Naval Special Warfare group and the UK Special Boat Services. Meanwhile, Polaris’ regular background checks ensure that all of your hiring decisions are continually informed and secure, while regular situational awareness trainings will better equip your staff to manage your unique security risks, and any crises that may arise. 

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