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The Polaris Approach to Media & Reputational Management

Words Live Longer than you Might Think on Social Media. 

High-profile controversies and “cancellations” have impacted all industries and sectors: notable examples include director James Gunn, who was fired by the world’s most high-profile film studio for prior tweets, comedian Shane Gillis, who was let go for offensive podcast comments, and actress Gina Carano, who was sidelined from a major television show after controversial posts. These incidents dominated news cycles and caused significant negative exposure for all involved. However, the potential minefield of high-profile hiring and personnel management can be navigated; whether considering a new hire or troubleshooting responses to an already-public controversy, Polaris can support your brand with strategies scaled to your company’s budget, culture, and timeline. 

Social Media/Image Assessment

A potential or current employee’s social media activity can persist long past its posting-date. As popular social media sites encourage open discourse, users may publish posts that run contrary to a Client’s internal policies or culture without considering optics or ramifications. Polaris’ social media assessments can identify such questionable content and offer the Client greater control of its image, enabling a Client to develop an informed, risk-aware response. 

Social Chatter Assessment

To fully assess an individual’s reputation online, it is essential to screen for social chatter both by and about a subject. Controversies are often further enflamed by vocal online commentators, who organize and disseminate backlash. Polaris can conduct screenings for oppositional chatter that might reveal attitudes toward your potential hire and their posted content – an essential service if your hire is active online.

Recurring Checks & Monitors

A foundation of trust is essential to a successful partnership, but clients must ensure that their trust is at no point violated. To that end, Polaris can conduct recurrent checks or actively monitor high-profile, public-facing individuals to screen for notable activity across social media channels. Polaris may additionally assess less overt activity – like content on the deep or dark web, or posts published to alias or secondary accounts – to capture subtle, obscured exposure risks. 

Scalable, Adaptable Investigations

Should Polaris identify any content that merits a deeper look, our investigative team can help untangle any red flags. While our service lines and investigative goals are entirely customizable – and are carefully scaled and tailored to a Client’s specific situation – enhanced screenings may also include searches for the individual and their associates in other adverse/derogatory media, as well as on the deep or dark web. 

Crisis Management & PR Consulting

Identifying information is only half the battle: in addition to targeted pre-hiring screenings and/ or post-hiring monitoring services, Polaris’ established relationships with expert PR teams and consultants can help our Clients strategically navigate undesirable controversy. While a Client may already be aware of potential reputational issues and media flashpoints, Polaris’ public relations partners and consultants can help deploy that information; armed with Polaris’ findings, these experts can help mold the discussion of the facts in public forums, including the press and social media. 

Please note that this is only a brief overview of our capabilities; if you seek services not listed above, email and our team would be happy to discuss your request. 

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