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The Polaris Approach to Travel Security

The Polaris Approach to Travel Risk Awareness

When traveling internationally, remember that new locales and destinations – however exciting and inviting they may appear to be – bring new risks. With our immense global network of on-the-ground resources and our sophisticated and efficient intelligence capabilities, Polaris can provide comprehensive and location-specific travel security coverage, including travel security briefings and real-time risk tracking. The Polaris Intelligence Team can arm you with valuable intelligence into any destination’s specific risks, and provide a practical understanding of how to navigate the foreign political, legal and social dynamics of your desired destination. 

Central to understanding the risks of your chosen destination is a travel security briefing, which details the relevant local crime statistics, regional embassies, hospitals and geopolitical realities of your planned destination – all of which should inform your movement, profile and activity during foreign travel. Each element is mapped out and thoroughly explained, with risk ratings and strategies for navigating these dangers. Briefings might include risk assessments and security surveys of the hotels booked for the trip, or analyses of and recommendations for local issues like planned protests or events. Additionally, our intelligence group can geo-fence the trip – or provide virtually real-time local alerts on immediate risks or plan alterations. 

When Risk Lies in Each Direction, Let POLARIS Be Your Compass.

Local Risk Mapping

Before you touch down, you should know where you are landing; a Polaris travel security briefing offers an early understanding of your destination, identifying key locations like embassies, hospitals and no-go zones, while assessing local risks. Preparations can include assessments of your hotel and its vicinity, or a historical review of local criminal trends

Planned Event Strategies

To ensure that you are prepared for otherwise unexpected – and potentially dangerous – events like protests, political rallies, or high-traffic conventions, Polaris travel briefings provide an outline of key dates and planned events. Polaris can help navigate high-traffic or congested areas prepared, with a keen sense of the crowd’s intent and your own profile. 

Real-Time Risk Tracking

While an understanding of the destination itself is vital, know that the destination may change under your feet; unplanned events like sudden health outbreaks, unexpected protests or sociopolitical overturn warrant constant attention and reassessment. Polaris’ intelligence team can provide just that, amending and augmenting your travel security programming in response to immediate risks. 

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