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The Polaris Approach to Litigation Support Services

Polaris provides targeted, trial-ready intelligence that can stand up to the scrutiny of the court. 

Whether embroiled in a lengthy legal battle, reassessing a matter post-judgement, or anticipating upcoming litigation, Polaris’ extensive expertise and services – which include background investigations, IP protection, due diligence reporting, intelligence collection, forensic analysis, evidentiary chains of custody, witness testimonies & interviews and more – for effective use in the courtroom. No matter what stage of the litigation process you are currently in, Polaris can offer insight into your legal adversaries’ motives, networks, or reputations, bolstering your case.

Global Business, Global Solutions

International litigation demands a global approach; any investigator can miss relevant intel if they are not equipped to navigate the intricacies and unique conditions of local markets. Thankfully, Polaris’ array of global risk tools and local, on-the-ground assets enable us to deliver otherwise inaccessible intelligence in over eighty-five markets globally – while our practiced, practical methods ensure the highest standards of research and reporting.

Witness Identification & Testimony

Your case grows stronger with every new witness and every new statement – and Polaris can identify and interview those witnesses. By linking employees to key departments, roles or figures, Polaris can uncover potential witnesses that can make or break a case. Following open media searches and pattern of life surveillances, Polaris investigators can then pursue an interview of the potential witness. Polaris’ interviewers are thoughtful and deliberate, maximizing the likelihood of receiving a sworn statement. 

Computer Forensics & Analysis

In the increasingly digital landscape of modern business, cyber investigations are more crucial than ever. Polaris’ forensic analyses of breached servers, server logs and relevant accounts can identify anomalies across systems, or any notable lateral movements. Through targeted end point reviews and analyses, Polaris can attempt to track the IP address of the individual(s) who perpetrated the fraud. 

Domestic/Intl. Asset Recovery

Thanks to our worldwide network of specialized experts and investigators, the Polaris team can track assets globally – no matter how labyrinthine the structures obscuring them might be. Our team includes seasoned forensic analysts, intelligence personnel, and cyber security experts, all ready and well-equipped to parse the corporate data, financial records and open media sources needed to locate – and extricate – your assets. 

Deep-Dive Due Diligence

Polaris’ due diligence services are an essential first step to any legal action, whether against an entity or an individual. Our investigations are tailored to your legal goals, and include targeted searches and reviews of criminal records, adverse media mentions, signs of financial distress/success, or inquiries specifically relevant to your unique situation to help navigate the dynamic and shifting contexts that legal proceedings demand.

For more information on Polaris’ interviewing and lead development processes – including a case study highlighting these services in action – please read on. 

Case Study: Developing Leads & Sources with Polaris

Polaris designs its strategies around the specific needs of each Client, matching our approach to the intricacies of each request. We deploy different experts, different tools, and different methods in pursuit of your unique investigative and intelligence needs. Our approach is dynamic, growing naturally from a Client’s existing understanding of a case, while uncovering new opportunities and areas of inquiry. The case study below outlines one such example, as Polaris’ link analyses, lead identification and interview methods helped to corroborate a Client’s claims. 

A recently-hired executive at an international company reached out to Polaris after being abruptly fired from his job. The executive suspected he was fired for confronting other executives about allegations of financial statement fraud that had been levied against them; the group had allegedly underreported significant expenses, covering up the misuse and misappropriation of corporate funds. The legacy executives maintained that these unethical expenditures and improper payments were simply the corporate culture: “That’s just how we do things here,” one executive said. When our Client was pushed out of the company by the Board, they cited our Client’s failure to mesh with the corporate culture as a decisionmaker. 

The fired executive contacted Polaris seeking support as he prepared for litigation against his former employer. Using sophisticated link analysis methods designed to identify individuals with relevant intel, Polaris located and interviewed another employee who could corroborate our Client’s story. This source not only helped in our understanding of the climate at the company, but their testimony on the witness stand was a vital component of the trial’s successful outcome. 

Step One: Sophisticated Link Analyses

After identifying potential candidates for approach during link analysis efforts, Polaris will then coordinate with Counsel and the Client to select a possible witness. Once the best candidate is identified, investigators will build a profile for the individual, locating them in preparation for a possible contact approach. 

Step Two: Lead Identification

Polaris investigators will reach out to and arrange interviews with the candidates that the Client would like to pursue. This is a sensitive process, as the interview 1) determines whether the candidate is indeed a witness, 2) uncovers what the candidate knows, and 3) secures a statement from the candidate. 

Step Three: Interviews/Sworn Statements

Link Analyses can drastically expand your range of sources and witnesses, growing the investigation in natural and intuitive ways. Polaris, through advanced social and open-source media searches, can uncover key personnel who might be in a position to corroborate or refute a Client’s claims. 

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