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The Polaris Approach to Due Diligence Investigations

Polaris’ investigative services offer a rarity in the world of risk: we utilize creative and unique data sources to provide more actionable results, specifically designed for the intricacies of your needs. Our array of global risk tools and local assets on-the-ground enable Polaris to deliver otherwise obscured or inaccessible intelligence in over eighty-five markets globally, and our practiced, practical methods ensure higher standards of research and reporting.

Don’t Trust Perspective Partners Blindly…Ensure Trust with Polaris’ Due Diligences.

Polaris’ due diligence services set the industry standard, whether investigating individuals or entities. Be it pre-transactional intelligence or a post-deal review of partners, Polaris offers customizable and scalable investigations that can be workshopped with clients to focus on areas of particular concern.

ENTITIES: Success attracts both earnest new colleagues and bad actors – you need a reliable method to distinguish between the two. Polaris can determine if a prospective partner has any history of criminal activity, or otherwise troubling activity. Polaris’ deep-dive due diligence investigations, moreover, can be customized to focus on areas of particular concern or industry risk.

INDIVIDUALS: Whether embroiled in a lengthy legal battle, unfairly subjected to libelous allegations, or otherwise at odds with an individual bad actor, Polaris’ due diligence services can provide you the intelligence your needs demand. We can identify criminal records, adverse media mentions, signs of financial distress/success – or fields specifically relevant to your situation.

BEYOND: Through our comprehensive link analysis methods Polaris can expand the investigation and its sources in natural and intuitive ways, uncovering otherwise neglected information. Our investigative scope is not simply limited to your target, as our approach can drastically expand our sources of intelligence as we analyze relationships between directors and other relevant targets.

Case Study

Fast-growing businesses are often approached by potential investors. While these funding arrangements may seem harmless – even beneficial – at first glance, there is a lot you should assess before accepting their partnership. Has the firm, for example, been implicated in adverse media, resulting in reputational risks? Do any of its leadership or principals have a history of fraud, or other criminal activity? Is the firm, or the offer, even legitimate? Polaris explored these questions and more in a recent due diligence case, wherein a buzzed-about new business was approached by a private equity firm with funding promises.

Something about the firm’s approach, however, seemed inconsistent with their appearances online and in media. Polaris probed these inconsistencies for the Client using targeted searches and proprietary tools, finding that the individual claiming to represent the firm was not, in reality, a member of the firm; the approach was phony, carried out by an imposter who had a history of fraud. Had the Client jumped headfirst into the proposed arrangement, neglecting to consult Polaris, they would have lost time and money to a bad actor, thus losing their well-earned momentum

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