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The Polaris Approach to KYC Verification & Consulting

Before you can invest your trust in a prospective partner or customer, you must ensure that your relationship has a verifiable foundation. Polaris offers customizable, scalable “Know Your Customer” (“KYC”) verification services – all informed and sharpened by our array of international experts and investigators. 

Our team of consultants and researchers can help address your needs at every level of the verification process, from assuring that your policies and procedures support your current risks, to helping you deliver on those policies, vetting the information offered by potential partners and their key personnel. Our bespoke process is designed to align with the size, budget, and specific risks of our clients to bolster the client’s internal compliance standards. This document represents a sampling of Polaris’ capabilities; please reach out if you have a need that is not represented here as our services are always customizable. 

Process & Policy Consulting

In coordination with the Client’s internal or independent counsel, Polaris can help to draft, revise, or otherwise refine your KYC and customer intake documents, as well as your general compliance policies and procedures. Polaris’ experts offer their deep knowledge of common risk patterns unique to each industry or region, and offer a hands-on, practical understanding of the verification process. These emphases help ensure that your compliance infrastructure promotes proper standards of disclosure – especially during the earliest, most vulnerable stages of your onboarding of commercial relationships. 

Key Personnel & Executive Screenings

While entity verifications may not immediately yield disconcerting results, it is essential that clients review the leadership of any possible partners; though the company itself may appear legitimate, searches for key personnel and directors in global watchlists, sanctions lists, and adverse media offer further insight into a potential partner’s compliance. Should the client seek a deeper understanding of a key executive, entity-owner, or employee, Polaris can additionally identify criminal records, social and open media presences, signs of financial distress/success – or other customizable fields, specifically designed and scoped to your situation and position. 

Corporate Registration Checks

Corporate verifications are often circuitous, and frustrating – especially when a potential partner is less than forthcoming. Polaris can help your company manage the risks of misrepresentations and limited disclosure with the efficiency and urgency you need. Our essential services include entity reputational assessments, watchlist & sanctions checks, adverse media reviews, address and location confirmations, and operational verifications. By authenticating a potential partner’s corporate identity, operations, and registration status, Polaris offers the foundation clients’ need to approach any deal with confidence and trust. 

Recurring Checks & Scalable Investigations

Though a foundation of trust is essential to a successful partnership, the client must assure that this trust is at no point violated. To that end, Polaris can conduct recurrent checks into your partners, to assess any changes to their operational and personnel details that may warrant a reassessment of the relationship. 

Moreover, should Polaris – in the course of its initial, high-level verifications and screenings – identify an especially troubling discrepancy, our internal investigative team can help you untangle red flags with a deeper due diligence investigation, at the client’s own discretion. While our service lines and investigative goals are entirely customizable – and are carefully scaled and tailored to the Client’s specific case – screenings may include expanded searches for the company or its key figures’ presence in global watchlists, politically exposed persons repositories, or international sanctions lists, as well as in adverse/derogatory media. 

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