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The Polaris Approach to Global Criminal & Watchlist Screenings

To counter global risks, global businesses need truly international solutions – which can only be offered by truly international risk providers. Polaris Risk – with its sophisticated global asset matrix – can deploy its services in over eighty-five countries, operating seamlessly through local resources – all fluent in the risks that a client’s region may pose

On-the-ground international experience is especially essential when navigating the diverse and demanding records systems of different countries. No two international systems are the same: a criminal check in the United States requires an entirely different process than a criminal check in Japan, Myanmar, or Australia; visibility across countries differs considerably, and requires expert researchers with an in-depth knowledge of the target market’s language, limitations, and processes. Wherever you do business, Polaris can offer that expertise

In addition to remote checks of aggregated data, online public records, and open media, Polaris’ network of global partners enables us to conduct comprehensive criminal checks on any subject, as local experts navigate the intricacies of international records systems. This process ensures maximum visibility in the Client’s market or markets of concern. 

While the scope of Polaris’ checks varies on a project-to-project basis – and may range in the years, jurisdictions, and topics reviewed – Polaris’ international criminal checks can include searches for all of the following: 

Politically Exposed Persons (or “PEPs”)

In addition to screenings for the subjects themselves, Polaris can assess whether the subject is linked to a person, political party, or other major organization that may raise the possibility of political exposure, corruption, or undue influence. 

Criminal & Arrest Histories

Polaris – through either remote checks or detailed, on-the-ground deployments – can search local records for the subject’s prior arrests, charges, or convictions. This includes searches for high-level crimes like corruption, financial crime, terrorism, trafficking, and more. 

Financial Information or Misappropriation

Investigators can access dedicated databases to assess a subject’s financial history, including local regulatory authorities, financial crime agencies, and even local media reports alleging or outlining improprieties. 

Adverse Media

Investigators can utilize Boolean searches and media scraping tools to assess the open/social media presence of a given subject – and to assess whether they are implicated in any adverse or derogatory media, including reports or allegations of criminal activity. This may include both local and international media, as well as industry-specific forums and blogs, or database searches for known heightened risk individuals and businesses. 

Global Watchlists & Sanctions Lists

Polaris can screen several restricted party listings, including data from the OSFI Anti-Terrorism List, the US State Dept. Foreign Terrorist Organizations, the US Consolidated Export List, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the HHS Office of Inspector General, the System for Award Management, the World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms and Individuals, the Interpol and FBI Watchlists, FinCEN Listings, the Politically Exposed Persons List, and other sanctions listings. 

Read the PDF: 19.-The-Polaris-Approach-to-Global-Criminal-Watchlist-Screenings.pdf

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