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The Polaris Approach to Mergers & Acquisition Vetting Services

Recent years have seen a more urgent M&A market, as industries consolidate in the wake of economic instability. However, companies should be careful not to let this trend affect their vetting processes; these disruptions bring forth both earnest new colleagues and bad actors – and you need a reliable method to distinguish between the two. 

Polaris can assess prospective partners and their executives, screening for red flags and verifying operations with customizable and comprehensive pre-transactional and transactional services – all targeted to your specific risks. 

The Field Today

COVID-19 continues to strain many vital industries in the United States, leading companies in particularly affected or at-risk fields scrambling to survive. In an effort to recoup losses or strengthen future prospects, these distressed companies may quickly enter into deals with questionable partners under questionable terms, expediting vetting and verifications due to the stress of the pandemic. 

Inversely, as global businesses recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic in the coming months, the pace of deals is sure to quicken. While the virus led to significant slowdowns in M&A activity in most vectors, experts expect rebounds in the US and abroad as companies adapt to the Pandemic’s “new normal” – especially in healthcare, IT, and other sectors that are well-equipped to navigate the virus’ restrictions. 

Even as proper transactional or pre-transactional due diligence is deemed less urgent – either in the fast-moving post-pandemic boom, or in the stressing circumstances of economic slowdown – companies should be thorough when conducting mergers or acquisitions in the Pandemic Era. Polaris can help your company manage the risks of these deals with the efficiency and urgency you need, offering essential services like reputational assessments, watchlist & sanctions checks, adverse media reviews, key executive screenings and operational verifications.

The Polaris Difference

Standard-Setting Due Diligence Services

Polaris’ investigative services offer actionable results, specifically designed to meet the intricacies of the Client’s needs. While our service lines and investigative goals are entirely tailored to the Client’s specific case, vital services include reputational assessments of potential partners and their executives, as well as screenings of global watchlists, international sanctions, adverse media and politically exposed persons lists. By verifying a potential partner’s corporate identity, operations, and registration, Polaris offers the foundation you need to approach any deal with confidence. 

A Customizable, Scalable Approach

Polaris’ customizable and scalable investigations are specifically targeted to clients’ unique areas of concern. For example, if a client has pre-existing suspicions or anxieties about a potential partner, Polaris can address those fears with a more direct, verification-focused approach – while still offering the comprehensive range of services needed to provide a fuller picture. Moreover, through rigorous link analysis, Polaris can develop the investigation and its sources in intuitive ways, broadening the investigation to assess key areas of concern as they arise. 

Global Solutions for Global Businesses

International business dealings demand an international approach; any investigator, however diligent, can miss relevant intel if they are not equipped to navigate the intricacies and unique conditions of local markets. Thankfully, Polaris’ array of global risk tools and local, on-the-ground assets enable us to deliver otherwise inaccessible intelligence in over eighty-five markets globally – while our practiced, practical methods ensure exacting standards of research and reporting. 

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