Our team prides itself on the ability to deliver clients effective, solutions-driven security services, globally.

The Polaris method offers clients a holistic approach to risk, assigning a single point of contact to oversee and manage the progress of each matter, ensuring accountability and collaboration. Polaris’ network includes on-the-ground personnel who know and understand exactly what resources are available to them – and exactly how they can be deployed. Core to our values is an understanding that each client has unique needs, and Polaris’ customized solutions are tailored to meet those needs. Some of Polaris’ commonly sought-after services include, but are not limited to: Investigations, Intelligence Services, Protection Services, Security Consulting and Crisis Management & Emergency Response Services.

This is just a brief overview of our capabilities. If you do not see an offering highlighted, please contact us, and a member of our team will respond to discuss the nature of your request.


Third-Party Vendors

To aid in day to day operations, businesses often rely on trusted third-party vendors. Such third-party vendors may have access to facilities, data, and, often, an organization’s confidential and proprietary information. Polaris conducts thorough vetting and background investigations for vendor entities and their respective employees in leadership roles.

Reputational Risk

Employee misconduct within or outside the workplace can tarnish the reputation of an employer organization. The Polaris team aims to answer how and when things went wrong and assess what internal changes can be made to prevent the same issue from occurring again.

Brand Protection

Polaris conducts complex trademark investigations, patent infringement investigations and theft of trade secrets investigations. Polaris offers these services globally and can conduct a market sweep within 48 hours of notice, in over 85 countries.

Due Diligence

Global risk tools and local resources enable Polaris to determine if a prospective partner is, in fact, who they say they are. Be it pre-transactional intelligence or a post deal review of partners, Polaris offers deep-dive due diligence investigations that can be customized with clients to focus on areas of particular concern.

Litigation Support

Polaris’ targeted, trial-ready intelligence is designed to stand up to the scrutiny of the court; we can tailor our extensive expertise and services for effective use in the courtroom. Polaris can offer insight into your legal adversaries’ potential motives, networks or reputations, bolstering your case. Our investigative and intelligence services are flexible and scalable, allowing clients to pursue more targeted, actionable results – results that are usable in a courtroom. The full scope of Polaris’ capabilities are available to any plaintiff or defendant, whether you’re preparing for upcoming litigation, navigating an ongoing trial, or reassessing a previous case.


Regulatory bodies often rely on third-party monitors to help troubled corporations rise to higher standards of compliance. Monitors – most commonly assigned via a settlement agreement or plea bargain after corporate misconduct or illegal activity – oversee the activity of companies on the mend, to ensure that the entity progresses toward the compliance goals stipulated by their agreements. Not all Monitorships are triggered by misconduct, however; Polaris provides preventative Monitorship services to mitigate the risks and liabilities of non-compliant activity in real-time. These proactive measures help you identify ongoing misconduct, allowing you to quickly disclose and rectify issues that arise – before any lengthy or judicial headaches. Whether acting proactively or in remediation, Polaris can provide comprehensive Monitor programs, specially designed to counter your industry’s unique risks.

Insider Threats

While businesses should always remain vigilant to threats posed by external bad actors, they must also account for threats from within their own organization; as the risks of insider threat continue to increase, you’ll need a security provider that can act proactively and preemptively, addressing internal risks in real-time. Polaris can do just that with the implementation of a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool: “People at Potential Risk,” or PAPR. PAPR executes a set of heuristic behavioral analytic algorithms against baseline data, producing a list of people identified as at potential risk – along with a full evidence chain, forensically explaining the rationale for each individual’s selection for the heightened risk. Preventing the insider threat is an ever-present challenge for businesses of any size – PAPR can be your own ever-present solution.


Social Media Threat Assessment

Given the background and public-facing nature of a client, our intelligence group customizes key word search strings to screen for concerning online chatter. Polaris employs several best in class social media monitoring tools that cull expansive amounts of data. Our detail driven analysts then prepare meaningful threat briefings and social media action reports.

Travel Security

When traveling abroad, the Polaris program, Safe Stay, is a key offering. With access to both risk assessments and security surveys of the hotels booked for the trip, Safe Stay informs clients about local issues. Additionally, our intelligence group enables clients to geo-fence their trip – in other words, receive next to real time local alerts that may impact their stay.

Travel Security Briefing

If your business requires international travel, our intelligence group can provide travel security briefings based on the itinerary for the trip. A travel briefing details the relevant local crime statistics, regional embassies, hospitals and geopolitical realities, all of which is information a foreign traveler should have.

Social Media Takedowns & Enforcement

The promise of anonymity and the rise of online vitriol can make social media a toxic, volatile environment. While social media platforms are often slow to protect users from harassment, Polaris’ Intelligence Team can act swiftly to assess and advocate for the enforcement of safer online spaces. Polaris’ comprehensive monitoring capabilities identify, analyze and track online threats, while creating concrete action plans to address them. Whether helping to take down particularly aggressive harassers or profiles, or coordinating with relevant law enforcement to ensure that online threats do not translate to real world violence, Polaris’ social media services aim to make you safer online and offline.


Executive Protection

Our executive protection services span North America and over 85 countries. We provide offerings for armed protection agents, where acceptable by law, and unarmed security agents, where needed.

Embedded Agents

Threats of work place violence, concerns about traveling abroad for a corporate project or assessments of how to develop a more robust, internal security program could all be aided by an embedded agent. Polaris embedded agents are dedicated to your team for as long as you need them. Embedded agents are deployed on site, at your place of business and managed by your team.

Executive Drivers/Vehicles

Polaris offers best in class vehicles and security trained drivers, globally. Our drivers are either armed or unarmed depending on the clients’ needs.

Travel Protection Security

Travel security is an integral part of any company’s risk profile. Polaris offers travel security programs with clear directives on traveling to any part of the world, including high-risk regions. We employ integrated technology, alerting systems, and local assets on the ground to execute these programs. The Polaris approach is scalable and transparent, empowering clients with the information they need to customize their security posture.

Security Consulting

Managed Security Programs

Polaris offers several options for managed security programs. Embedded assets can be deployed or a part-time or fulltime basis. Though dedicated to your business and its safety, our embedded assets are afforded the full scope of Polaris’ tools and capabilities – including our connections to trusted vendors all over the world. Polaris works flexibly with clients to structure security programs that are designed to meet their unique security concerns.

Security Policy

Polaris liaises with expert consultants to craft security policies and procedures across all industries. Our stable of experts can help keep your organization up to date by drafting new security materials or reviewing and revising existing policies and procedures. Cybersecurity policies, physical security policies, emergency action policies and more are covered in Polaris’ offering.

Risk and Threat Assessments

Polaris offers physical and cyber risk assessments to clients for primary homes, vacation homes, offices, speaking events, aircrafts and more.

TSCM and Cyber Intrusion

Polaris deploys agents with expertise in technical surveillance and counter-measure sweeps to detect listening and recording devices, as well as cyber intrusion sweeps and network monitoring services.

Crisis Management
& Emergency Response

Emergency Response Services

Highly-trained Polaris personnel deliver extensive crisis management and emergency response services for executives, employees and more. These services include, but are not limited to, workplace violence training, natural disaster response and preparedness training, or the implementation of a security presence following a workplace disruption.

Medical Extraction

With the added safety risks of international travel, our clients sometimes find themselves in need of immediate medical attention. Polaris’ global presence ensures that these clients have someone to turn to – wherever they might be and for whatever they might need. Our local assets can navigate the intricacies of any legal, cultural and infrastructural landscape, guiding you through foreign medical systems with confidence and speed. Polaris’ partnerships with global transportation providers enable rapid response times, with local medics poised to deliver immediate attention.

Polaris Travel Escort

Each day, in every corner of the globe, over 100 individual travelers rely on Polaris to get them to their destination safely and securely. Our clients trust that we’ll provide best-in-class protective services, including Close Protection Agents with established careers in travel security and/or military service. The ultimate display of trust, however, comes when our clients rely on us to accompany children on private flights as Travel Escorts. In such cases, Polaris deploys its most amicable personnel, who – in addition to exemplary protective service qualifications – can provide a calm and comforting presence for younger travelers. Polaris doesn’t stop at secure, however; when able, we match the assigned agent to the individual they’re protecting, ensuring that they feel comfortable, as well as safe. If your child has special medical, emotional, or communications needs, Polaris has agents that can support those needs. Air travel often comes with anxieties about safety and security, which are heightened for younger passengers – Polaris can offer you and your child peace of mind while flying.

Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)

To counter global risks, international businesses need truly international solutions. A Global Security Operations Center (“GSOC”) equips Clients with the reach they need – especially when paired with Polaris’ own global asset matrix, which can respond to on-the-ground threats with speed and local expertise. With scalable, integrated solutions, a Polaris GSOC can monitor critical assets, ensure situational awareness and issue real-time directives on crisis management that keep employees safe and maintain business continuity. Polaris can meet the urgency of any crisis thanks to its strategic partnership with real-time AI analytics platform TalisAI, whose “SureSafe” application integrates the Client’s threat vectors to provide real-time updates – keeping internal teams informed and prepared. Polaris analysts can quarterback GSOC services for an outsourced, expert approach. Or, if the Client wants to keep their intel operations in-house, trained Polaris analysts can augment your intelligence posture as-needed. Our analysts often assist Clients during large scale or special events, and have provided quarterly trainings on infotech techniques to in-house intelligence teams, helping personnel to stay current with industry best practices.